30 Characters for 30 Days, Day 7: Ol’ Timey Hobo Bird

Chirpity-chirp, it’s The Ol’ Timey Hobo Bird:


30 Characters for 30 Days, Day 5: Myrtle (and recap of previous days)

Man, sorry folks about the later posts, however, it *still* is the 5th! My installment for today, Myrtle. I’m not quite sure what she is, you’re guess is as good as mine!

You obviously already noticed the quick move back to WordPress from SquareSpace. In a nutshell, it’s temporary. For now, I will be tentatively posting on WP.

For those who are new to this, below I have posted the character sketches for the previous days (newest to oldest) as a quick recap of my progress:

(3/4/11) 30 Characters for 30 Days, Day 4: Rotundo

(3/3/11) 30 Characters for 30 Days, Day 3: Zork & Bang-Bang

(3/2/11) 30 Characters for 30 Days, Day 2: Wilma The Bookworm Librarian

(3/1/11) 30 Characters for 30 Days, Day 1: Sheriff Shaky Bumblestout

Moved to a different blog system…

Hey all…I’ve moved. That’s right, you heard me! A little while back I mentioned that I was going to switch over to Square Space, well now the time is here. I’ve also taken the liberty to update the look and feel of my site, including a logo and color change. Needed a fresh reboot. So point your browsers to this link instead: http://rightbraind.squarespace.com

Or, you could just type in: www.rightbraind.com and it will redirect to the link above.

So this is the LAST POST on WordPress!!… Cheers, N