Sketch Post #3

I know that he’s been around for a while, but I’ve recently been influenced by the art of Tim Sale, more specifically, the work that he did with Jeph Loeb on “Daredevil: Yellow”. I’m so addicted to his work, and in turn, Daredevil in general. I don’t care what anyone says, I dug the movie. Although, I did disagree with the casting for Kingpin. I mean, I like Michael Clarke Duncan as an actor, just not for that part. However, I digress. I happen to dig the old school outfit, instead of the red one. Anyway, here’s the recent result of my addiction…just pencil for now. I will most likely ink it later.


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One response to “Sketch Post #3

  1. shhhhhhhh . .. . dont tell anyone, but I LOVED the movie. As a respected member of my community, I know I shouldn’t, but I couldnt help it. The action – the great comic relief – the romance of the whole situation. CLASSIC. I feel you . . . Very nice rendition – – I guess I will have to start reading the comics.

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