Once a Cubs’ Fan, Always a Cubs’ Fan…

Here’s a sketch that I pencilled with a mechanical .07, inked with a Tombow brush pen and Micron pens, and finally colored in Painter (using the acrylic dry brush setting, for more of a traditional feel). I was inspired one night reading through a book I have of artist Stephen Silver’s work. He did this sketch of an old school pitcher, and I had to do one in my style. GO CUBBIES!!


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3 responses to “Once a Cubs’ Fan, Always a Cubs’ Fan…

  1. Sup FlapJack? Thanks for sharing your works with us brother. You are a true art-eest and a cool dude to boot! Glad to know you and your beautiful family. Let’s have flapjacks on the griddle one day, or just be lazy bums and let former client IHOP do that for us! GBY Ace!

  2. Thanks for the comments guys!

    Flaps, I’m always down for grubbin’ the griddle mix.

    Jon, so, when am I gonna see your artwork online, hmmm? 🙂

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