Heroes Cards…

I just got word from the good folks over at Topps that I could finally post my samples from the original 206 that I did. As promised, here are a couple pages to start with (and more to come). You’ll notice that there are areas that are all grey- those were characters that NBC/Universal pulled from the approved list of characters to draw…I apologize for this, but rules are rules, am I right? ^_^ …Don’t forget I’m still doing 100 more (for which I will definitely have samples). Anyhoo…I hope you like ’em…



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5 responses to “Heroes Cards…

  1. Hey Elyssa, thanks for the comment! Strangely enough, I didn’t do many Nathan cards in my 206 that I did. I just posted some more. Nathan is all the way at the bottom in red, white, and blue.
    I’ll probably do more of him in the extra 100 that I’m currently doing. Thanks again! -N

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