The Man of Steel…

Hey. So, I was watching Superman Returns last night, and I got inspired. So I did this rough pencilled/inked piece. I may color it, who knows. I think I like it in black & white. I kept all the pencil marks and stuff, because I wanted it to come across raw and spontaneous. I’ve been making a point of using my Tombow brush pens a lot more (which is what I used on this). I want to get to a really nice, comfortable level with them. I’m really diggin’ the full spectrum of thick and thin line that I can get. The Pitt brush pens are good for this as well, on more of a detail level. Anyway, I’m actually pretty pleased with the way he turned out- though, he does kinda look like he made a Krispy Kreme stop or two on the way to saving the world! ~N


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