200 More Heroes Cards…

Heya, just a quick post. About a few days ago I turned in my last ‘Heroes’ cards. However, it was when I started experiencing very bad problems with my computer (which, as of tomorrow) will be rectified, thankfully. I love you !   Okay, okay, back on track….anyway, I wasn’t able to scan in any of those cards to show here. Since that batch was a bit more rushed than the previous ones, you weren’t missing much (with the exception of maybe about 8 0r 9 or so). So, I guess whomever gets them will be the first to see them.  I apologize for that, but at least I put 200 more cards out there for everyone to (hopefully) enjoy, right? Anyway, I’m working on trying to get on the Indy set, so we’ll see… Until then, talk to you guys soon…   ~N

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One response to “200 More Heroes Cards…

  1. Noah,
    I pulled this neat looking sketch of your’s from a box of the new HEROES cards. I’m not quite sure who it is, but I’m leaning towards the Christopher Echelstone character who could turn invisible. Is it him or another character?


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