Hi all, I’m baaaack…Technical troubles kept me off line for over a week. My good ol’ trustee PowerMac G5 said it’s last goodbyes sadly this past month, but being the awesome company that they are, Apple replaced mine (even being 2 months outside my AppleCare warranty) with a (drumroll please) brand-spankin’ new 8 core Dual 2.8ghz Mac Pro. Pretty friggin’ schweetness eh? So, not to worry, much more to come very soon as far as artwork goes, eBay items (the recently released Heroes cards), and much more! For now, check out this ad that I saw on Katie Cook’s blog for the LOTR:Masterpieces II set- granted, none of my cards made the preview page, but I am still stoked to have been able to work on such a cool set, and have my name listed amongst some incredibly talented artists to boot! Anyhoo…talk to you guys soon!


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