Indy IV Sketch Card set…


Well, it’s been confirmed, I’m officially on the Topps “Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull” Sketch Card Set! I can’t tell you how excited I am to get in on this…It really is an honor to work on a continuation of the franchise (other than Star Wars) that sparked the magic inside my imagination when I first heard the first crack of the whip and saw the first tip of the infamous Fedora in Raiders of The Lost Ark in the theaters when I was a kid. This marks the first Lucasfilm, LTD franchise that I have ever worked on. Maybe the next will be from “a galaxy far, far away…” We’ll just have to wait and see, now won’t we? 😉

BTW, check out the new trailer for the movie here. If you have the hardware and bandwidth, I’d highly suggest viewing it in HD 1080p, it’s completely well worth the download and then some!


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