More LOTR Masterpieces II Cards, Ebay Winners, & Indy 4 cards…

Hey-o folks, it’s me. Well, I ended up doing 100 more LOTR cards. Below, you will see that I posted a random 6 that I liked (though, these are NOT the 6 that I’m getting back…you’ll have to wait on those). Since these were on a time crunch, I went with the good ol’ Tombow Brush Pen, an occassional colored outline, and a simple cartoony look. I was actually pretty happy with most of them. They were loose and very fun to do.

On another note, to those Ebay winners for the recent Heroes 6 back that I posted, you will be getting your cards (plus your free personal sketch card commish) as soon as humanly possible, thanks for all your grace and patience, I assure you that it will be well worth the wait!

On the Indy 4 front, I rec’d (as did all of the other artists) my blanks for the Indy IV KoTCS set, I cannot even tell you how pumped I am to work on these, it’s gonna be a blast, and it will give me a reason to keep watching the awesome trailer over and over and over again (as my wife rolls her eyes…although, since she’s a huge Indy fan herself..she’s psyched too!). Once we get the go ahead to be able to post our cards, you can bet your Indy fedora that I will post my faves!

In any event, here are those LOTR cards…


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