Iron Man

I was fortunate enough to see an advanced screening of ol’ shellhead last night at 11:30 in a DLP (Digital Projection) theater. When I walked out of the theater, I was speechless. Jon Favereau completely outdid himself here. Casting, effects/animation, story, etc.. all exquisite. Ever since I was a kid, my 2 fave supes were Batman and Iron Man, so as you can probably imagine I’m walking on cloud nine right now (including the much anticipated release of The Dark Knight). I mean Robert Downey Jr. completely nailed it…completely! To top it all off, a very close friend of mine from high school, Jon Braver (a professional stuntman/actor), was in it also…he had a lot of screen time. He was also in Indy 4, which you will probably see a brand new trailer for in front of this movie. So, chock full of awesomness all the way around!

Oh, and a quick nod to the real fanboys out there, stay in the theater until the credits are done, and you’ll get to see a bonus clip, which is a very cool segue lead-in to the sequel.

I’m so posting some fan art very soon!

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