Rightbraind Film Review: Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull (Warning, there may be spoilers)

Okay, here’s the quick ‘n dirty…

What I liked about it :

I know I’m a little late on this, but if you knew my schedule, you’d understand why 😉
Anyway…I’m just gonna say it, I had so much fun watching this movie. I’m a huge Indy nerd, and heard so much flack on just about everything regarding Indy 4 from other “Indy fans”. I couldn’t have disagreed more. I loved this movie! A story that felt like Indy, which was believable within the context of the era that it was set in (Cold War, 1950’s). I felt like a little kid again watching my favorite fedora wearin’, whip wielding adventurer serving it up to me on a silver platter or..dare I say crystal platter? Okay, that was bad. Anyway, what a ride! Shia LeBouf delivered also, especially during the action sequences in the jungle. What can I say about Karen Allen? It was just like old times…liked they picked up right where they left off. Her performance? Totally brill. Especially, in her newfound maternal role. I also loved the dialed back, authentic feel of the film…not overdoing it with CGI (which I’ll get into in a bit). Spielberg (& Lucas) also preserved the brilliant use of sillouettes and/or shadows as a viable storytelling tool…and an effective one at that. Bravo! Kate Blanchett’s character (Irina Spalko) was the kind of villain that I was hoping for…she’s pretty friggin’ good with a blade too (or at least her stunt double was during certain scenes), as was Shia. I can’t go without mentioning the always brilliant score by the one and only Mr. John Williams. Classic. Last but not least, I have to mention that a close friend of mine, Jon Braver was actually in the film as the Russian soldier who was driving the vehicle that dragraced the hotrod in the opening sequence. He was also in a bunch of other scenes, including being one of the soldiers that pulled Indy out of the trunk (after the hotrod scene), for which I did a special Indy 4 sketch card of, as a gift to him for a job well done. It was so surreal to see him up on the screen! All in all, it was an amazing experience and a solid film all the way around. Now, I’m going to take the wifey (who also is a big Indy fan) to see it, because I had to “test it” out for her first, to make sure that it wasn’t too graphic for her 🙂

What I did NOT like about it :

There honestly wasn’t much that I didn’t like about it, but here we go…There was only like one or two scenes in the whole movie where Indy used his whip as either self-defense, or a way of transportation. Note to Lucas and Spielberg for a possible sequel: MORE WHIP! Another thing was the whole Mutt and monkey, vine-swinging sequence. That was a little Velveeta to me. I mean, if he has enough adeptness and agility to hold his own fencing whilst straddling two vehicles, and battling soldiers and Agent Spalko, then he has enough common sense to swing on a vine WITHOUT the cues from the monkeys. I know that it led into the next sequence, and the furry little ones actually assisted them in there plight, but it didn’t need to be so Tarzan about it. He probably could have gotten Indy’s whip some how and…well…we can save that for the sequel, eh boys? Okay, another thing was Blanchett’s Russian accent was just the tiniest bit pushed…believable, but pushed. Okay, and lastly…the flying saucer. Even though the effects were awesome, it took me out of the authentic “Indy feel” of the film for that brief minute. However, when Indy called Mutt “Junior”, and the whole wedding sequence with the (possible) sequel prelude (with Mutt and the hat) brought me right back into it.

So, my final rating for this movie is :

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