Rightbraind Film Review: WALL-E (There may be spoilers)

Okay, so WALL-E, a quick ‘n dirty review…

Here’s what I did like:

Umm, pretty much everything? First off, the movie opened up on my birthday (June 27th, make a note of it on your calendars!), which is when I saw it. Took the kids to the matinee showing. Before the movie even began, we were treated to the much anticipated new short film from the superhuman Pixarians, “Presto”…

Now, I missed the very beginning because my oldest child had to go to the bathroom, but we briskly got back to our seats for the rest of what was an amazing display of artistry. Timing? Check. Squash ‘n Stretch (or as they call it at Pixar, “Squetch”)? Check. Characters? Check. Brought The Funny? CHECK! Everything about this short piece of mastercrafted animation was (pardon the pun) magical! It was such a great nod to Tex Avery, Chuck Jones, and even the “Rubber Hose” era of animation. I could go on for days on this, but I’ll just say this…as said by Victor Navone ( a friend of mine, who has been a Pixarian since “Monsters Inc.”, and worked for 2 hard years on WALL-E), “Presto” is worth the price of admission alone. ‘Nuff said.

Okay, back to WALL-E. Not only did this movie inspire and amaze me, but it really made me think about how shallow and lazy we have the capability of being, with the technology at our fingertips currently. Don’t get me wrong, I like my gadgets, and am a tech head, but I want to make sure I stay leary of letting it overrun my life. I want to make sure that I realize that there’s this big, huge earth that we live on with so much to explore and protect. Just to get out of my shell of technology, or bubble of insignificant plastic, metal, and digital, and concentrate on the intangible things that matter most, like love (and/or the pursuit of it), trust, dignity, respect for the people and environment around you, and last but not least, not to take for granted any of these things. The main cast of characters were very like-able, but my favorite (from both an attitude and design sense) was M-O. I’m so getting a little toy of him (as well as others of course…oh, and for my kids too!). One of the nice little touches was WALL-E’s reset sound (Apple’s famed start-up noise on all their computers). Very nice.

Okay, what I didn’t like about the film(s)…

That it wasn’t 2 hours longer, so that I could enjoy more of it! Damn you Pixarians, why are so good!!?? 🙂

And my final rating is…


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