Topps Clone Wars Preview…

Behold….another post from yonder! Below are a preview of my favorites from the Topps Star Wars: The Clone Wars sketch cards that I had the priv of working on. The first image of the 3 below, are my 8 return cards, so if you are interested in any of them, let me know ahead of time before I post them on Ebay. Another post awaits, which does contain some San Diego Comicon goodness! Out !N!


5 responses to “Topps Clone Wars Preview…

  1. Noah- can you tell me how many sketch cards you did for Clone Wars? I have 3 of yours- I really like your style. Thanks for your time.


    • Hey David! Thanks for the kind words. I believe I did 300 on that set. I also just turned in 200 (plus my 8 returns) for the SW Galaxies set due out later this month. In addition, I’m also still waiting on my returns for the Indy Masterpieces set. Any news regarding cards for sale or sets that I’m working on will be posted on the blog, so keep an eye out, and again, thanks for the kind words. Have a happy and safe New Year! Cheers, N

  2. Noah- I’ve pulled two of your Indy Masterpiece cards and I can’t wait for SW Galaxies to come out. I have your blog saved to my favorites so I’ll check back. Have a great New Year!


    • Thanks David! I am humbled to be on anybody’s fave list…very cool! Stay tuned, as I will post my Indy and SW Galaxies returns as soon as I can. Cheers!

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