Interviewed on The Force Cast, and TCW return cards!

I was interviewed by Jason and Pete over at The Force-Cast. They are 2 of the coolest guys in the galaxy, and they (along with The Infamous Jimmy Mac) put together a hell of a podcast every week. Anyway, during the interview I pretty much just got to ramble on about my own SW fandom, and my experience working on The Topps Clone Wars sketch cards. So, everyone should subscribe to their podcast…IT’S FREE…do it, do it NOW!!

Okay, during this interview I mentioned my Clone Wars return sketch cards would be up by now on Ebay. Well, because of what’s going on in my life right now (which I mentioned in my last post) that did not happen yet. However, I listed my cards again below. If anyone is interested in purchasing one, two (or all of them!), shoot me an email and we can work something out. As far as Ebay is concerned, I will make a concerted effort to put the auction links up as soon as I possibly can, hopefully by later on tonight. So stay tuned, and check back here for that. Until then, back to my crazy life…..


2 responses to “Interviewed on The Force Cast, and TCW return cards!

  1. Hey Noah,

    I’m Adam Frazier, freelance writer and film critic – I did a big feature article on Jason and Pete for I’m a big fan of star wars and when I saw your art, I felt this immediate connection to. I too am a huge fan of the Mighty Muggs and the more whimsical side of the universe. Have you done any art of Boba Fett or Jawas? I would definitely be interested in inquiring some some of that.

  2. Great to hear you on the show! I’m a big fan of the Force-Cast (heck, I’m their Fan Club President) and it was great to hear another artist explain his origins and his work. We need more artists like you in the world!

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