Technical Difficulties…

Hey there again. Wow. Two in one day, eh? Anyway, as I was about to put larger versions of my Star Wars cards up on Ebay, the hard drive where all of those images are decided not to work on my laptop. I can’t rescan the cards currently or try them on my Mac Pro desktop machine, because all of my computer gear is still packed away temporarily. I will try the drive on my Mac at work. If that doesn’t work, I may have to go the data recovery route. Please pray this doesn’t have to happen, because it’s actually quite an expensive process. If the drive doesn’t work on my computer at work, then I will go ahead and just use the lower res versions of the images and put those up on Ebay.

So, the cards will be put up tomorrow instead. I apologize greatly for the delay, as I know many of you are being very patient, and that’s extremely appreciated. I will make an update tomorrow then, see you then! 🙂

Cheers, N


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