Sketch Card Proofs, Batch 2

Okay, so officially ALL of the sketch cards that were purchased by you insanely good-looking people for the “Sketch Card for a Healthy Family Sale” have shipped, and the 2nd batch of proofs are down below. Thanks to everyone for the sincere patience, and I hope that you like your cards enough to want to buy more! 😉

(top row (left to right): Quarren, Scube Clone & Mon Calamari dual card panoramic, second row (left to right): Boomer (BSG), Jubilee (X-Men), third row (left to right): Rhino (Marvel), Catwoman (DC)



5 responses to “Sketch Card Proofs, Batch 2

  1. Love the Jubilee! She kinda looks a bit psycho….. And the Boomer will go great with my others! Thanks again Noah

    • Yeah, I kinda went nuts on the Jubilee. I actually used a sparkly metallic pen for the sparks! Anyway, I’m glad you liked them!

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