Empire Muggs Back: Hopeful Leia

So, listen up ‘cuz this is really, really, super-duper cool… Listening? Good. A little while back the good folks over at Lucasfilm sent a wide array of select artists, designers, filmmakers, and celebrity fans blank white Mighty Muggs. After which time, these individuals would paint (on the Mighty Mugg) their own slant of how they see Star Wars. Some used whatever they could find around the house, or went elsewhere to find accessories and decorative elements to add to their creations. Once completed, Lucasfilm would collect all of them and put them up for auction at this year’s San Diego Comicon. All of the proceeds would go to the Make-a-Wish Foundation. For more info about this, go here.


Needless to say, I was one of those select individuals to have the honor of participating in this, and I had an absolute blast doing it! After thinking it through, and keeping in mind my current workload, I decided to keep it simple, yet elegant, and go with the royal spitfire herself…Princess Leia (circa Ep. IV, “A New Hope”).

Without further adieu, say hello to “Hopeful Leia”:




There will be a post on this in the near future as far as the whole process of how I created her. From the impressive selection that I saw on StarWars.com, I can’t wait to see the rest! A big shout-out to Bonnie Burton for involving me in this, I hope we do it next year! If you want to see all of my process photos, you can head on over to the gallery that I set up on my Facebook account. In order to see it though, you have to friend me (if you haven’t already)! ^_^


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