Art Time with Daddy (Pt.2)

My 9yo, she wanted one of her riding on “Toothless”, the dragon from “How to Train Your Dragon” (which everyone needs to see, a very enjoyable and family-friendly film):

Eat your heart out Hiccup!


Art Time with Daddy (Pt.1)…

So, I do art with my kids. Since I’m an artist, I guess that’s kind of expected. We usually do traditional media, like watercolors, markers, pencils, etc.. However, this time while they were on the floor drawing in my office, I asked each of them what they wanted me to paint for them digitally on the computer. So here are the results:

My 3yo, she wanted me to paint a butterfly, but I went a little further then that…How about a “Butterflight”?

My 5yo, he wanted to be on a two-headed dragon with a sword:

More to come..