The ForceCast: Clone Wars Roundtable, S2: Ep.16

I was honored to be on THE BEST STAR WARS PODCAST EVER, The ForceCast, again as a guest panelist for their Roundtable discussion on The Clone Wars episode “Cat and Mouse”. I was alongside co-hosts Jason Swank and Jimmy Mac, and Billy Mac (Jimmy’s younger bro) who was another guest panelist. We had a blast talking over this episode. Ironically, a lot of Trek comparisons were mentioned…KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHN!!!


New Star Wars Art…

This was a commission that I did for a former associate. It was for his daughter (who happens to be a Star Wars nut), she’s a fan of The Sith, so I made her a Sith apprentice. The first is a concept sketch:

…and this is a photo of the final piece (which I already posted on Facebook a while back). I would have scanned it in at a better quality but it I had to rush it to the post office…

My Princess Leia Mugg at Lucasfilm!

Hey. I have to fanboy for a sec. It’s pretty cool to know that something Star War-sy that I created is on display at Lucasfilm…the place where it all began…where the maker himself resides and works most everyday (when he’s not on location or doing an interview or something). Take a look at Leia and the gang (of other masterful creations):

Princess Leia & The Gang

Here are more photos of all of the muggs from LFL’s Flickr feed…

The Empire Muggs Back was such a cool opportunity, and I’m so thankful to be a part of it. By the way, you still have time to bid on Leia, so do it! Do it now!

How to Draw Kit Fisto on!

Even though my brother Aaron and I both agree that the same Jedi (in the 2D animated Clone Wars cartoon series back in ’03-’04) that could take on entire armies and ships under water with force bubbles and his cool waterproof lightsaber, died at the end of Ep. III with a single swipe of the red blade of a worn down Sith Lord. I mean, c’mon…seriously?

Well now, at least Jedi Master Kit Fisto can live on in digital and print form as I show you how to draw him on This is my second installment in the “how-to-draw” series, my first (in case you missed it) was the smooth Jedi Master Mace Windu. So, get your pencils, crayons, paints, and whatever else you can find and get to work!


The Empire Muggs Back Charity Starts Today!


I know, I know…Noah, you were suppose to update us with your Comicon ’09 wrap-up. It’s coming, it’s coming…I promise, I’ve just been off-my-butt crazy busy. Until then you could participate “The Empire Muggs Back” charity auction. For more info that, just check my previous posts (for those new to it). Anyway, it’s going on right now! You can see mine on the 3rd page, about half the way down. If you are so inclined just to bid on mine, here’s the detail bid page where you can do so! Like I mentioned in previous posts, the proceeds go for a The Make-a-Wish Foundation, so you’d be helping out lots of little ones in need by participating!

More updates to come soon, okay?