How to Draw Kit Fisto on!

Even though my brother Aaron and I both agree that the same Jedi (in the 2D animated Clone Wars cartoon series back in ’03-’04) that could take on entire armies and ships under water with force bubbles and his cool waterproof lightsaber, died at the end of Ep. III with a single swipe of the red blade of a worn down Sith Lord. I mean, c’mon…seriously?

Well now, at least Jedi Master Kit Fisto can live on in digital and print form as I show you how to draw him on This is my second installment in the “how-to-draw” series, my first (in case you missed it) was the smooth Jedi Master Mace Windu. So, get your pencils, crayons, paints, and whatever else you can find and get to work!



Power Packs!: Introduction

Okay, you’re probably wondering what a “Power Pack” is. Funny you should ask…

Simply put a “Power Pack” consists of two pre-drawn, full-color sketch cards within a certain theme (ie, Star Wars, Marvel, DC, BSG, etc…) and then a full-color 9 in. X 12 in. (one-character) commission of your choice within that particular theme for $100 (PayPal only please).

For example, if the theme was “Star Wars” and I had a Luke card and a Vader card, you could choose any character in the Star Wars universe for the 9 x 12 full-color commission. Again, it would have to remain within the specified theme for the week.

I will be offering up 1 per week, and I will pick the theme. I try to pick the most popular themes, but every once in a while I will throw in a “U Choose” theme and let the first person to respond pick their theme. So, as you can see this is on a first come, first serve basis. The first person to contact me via email and complete the Paypal transaction will get the Power Pack for that week. I will be posting these every Monday. The first Power Pack will go up shortly…

Clone Wars Sketch Cards For Sale!

Well, the wait is finally over. My Topps Star Wars: The Clone Wars sketch cards are finally up on Ebay! Once again, I really apologize for the long delay, and I appreciate you guys hangin’ in there and being patient with me and my crazy life 🙂 Without further adieu, the cards…Happy Bidding!

Master Yoda

Ahsoka Tano

Anakin & Obi-Wan

General Grievous

Asajj Ventress

Clone Trooper


Count Dooku

Quick Update…

Hey all, just wanted to drop you guys a line to let you know that I am indeed still alive. My family and I are all moved in (well, still living out of boxes for now) at our new place. The work sched has died down and is a bit more “regular”. So what does this all mean for me, you ask? Well, now I officially have the time to FINALLY put my Star Wars: Clone Wars return cards up for sale on Ebay. I most likely will be doing that by later on this evening. Also, real quick, I’m going to start work on a new Indy Masterpieces set put out by Topps, and I just rec’d the blanks. More on that (and Clone Wars cards) very soon… N out.

Clone Wars Return cards Info, and a general update…

Hey all, just wanted to make a quick post to let everyone know that my Clone Wars return cards auction links will, indeed, be up later on today.

I apologize for not posting in a while, my day job has me on an insane schedule, and at the same time I’m in the process of moving my family and I to San Diego. Anyway, stay tuned for those Ebay links for the CW cards, and other cool news. Out ~N

*Addendum: I know I said the cards would be up during the day. What I really meant was “later” as in the P.M.. So, for all you late-nighters, I guess you have the advantage, eh?

Rightbraind Film Review: Star Wars:The Clone Wars…and other stuff…

So, I went to go see Star Wars: The Clone Wars on opening day. I really liked it, and thought it was chock full of fun. However, I didn’t come out of it like blown away or anything. I think that’s because I went into it with a mindset like it was going to be similar to the brilliant 2D-animated series by Genndy Tartakovsky, but in a 3D format. Boy, was I wrong! You see, I went to see it a second time about a couple of hours ago, and came out of it with a lot more enthusiasm! I looked passed a lot of the nitpicking that I get caught up in (because I’m an animation snob sometimes, mostly thanks to these guys), and really look at it from the main demographic that they’re targeting here (aka, the younger generation). Guess what? That said, I had so much more fun watching it, that I wanted to go straight over to Target and snag some CW action figs for myself (and some for my son too, of course). I didn’t though, due to budget reasons 😦 But I will soon enough. Anyway, I was already sold on the look and feel of everything Filoni was doing, especially with Ahsoka Tano, very strong character design there. I really dug her underhand fighting style and “go get ’em” attitude. Needless to say, I’m pretty pumped for the series on Cartoon Network! Heck, I think I may even get back to animatin’ my own Star Wars (fan) film which I’ve had on the backburner for quite a while now (that happens when you have a family).

Anyway, it was cool to be a part of this new SW project in one way or another by doing the Topps Clone Wars Sketch Cards. Which reminds me…I rec’d my return cards, which I’m posting again below, send me an email if anyone is interested in any one(s) in particular, because I’m going to post them on Ebay pretty soon. I also have some more Star Wars related news which I will release soon! Until then…

Star Wars : The Clone Wars

Okay, so I meant to post this a little while back, but as always (I know, I suck) the craziness in my life took over. You may or may not have noticed on the right of this column there’s a list of all of the current projects (mainly sketch card sets) that I’ve worked on, or am presently working on. At the top of that list is Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Dude. I’m freakin’. If anyone knows me, they know that I’m a huge Star Wars nut, and have this kid-like look on my face whenever I talk about it. Well, it is indeed true, I am officially working on the Clone Wars sketch card set from the good folks over at Topps promoting the new series debuting theatrically on August 15th. This is my first Official Star Wars project, and I’m completely going nuts! I’m hoping this may lead to other possible SW projects in the future. All I can do is kick some serious arse on this set, and hope for the best! 🙂 So, look for some possible fan art in the near future as a precursor to the actual cards themselves…